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Kansas City’s Heart Forest is the world’s first & largest heart shaped forest.

The goal of the Heart Forest is to inspire current and future generations to embody the spirituality and kindness found in the Heart of America.


Where is it? The Heart Forest is located on the Kansas City International Airport property. The exact address is 14569 NW 104th St.

How big is it?  The Heart forest has 1,674 trees that are now 50 ft tall covering 8 acres. 

Who created it? Moved by these words, a diverse group of citizens led by one of the world’s leading sustainable architects Bob Berkebile and Rick McDermott along with thousands of volunteers, Garden Clubs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and local companies in Kansas City sought to put these ideas into action. The planting was completed in the early 1990’s before the days of social media and mainstream internet even existed

Why was it created? During his visit to a Peace Conference in 1987, Chief Leon Shenandoah of the Iroquois Nation (referred as the Chief of Chiefs by National Geographic) shared both a reflection and challenge for the audience: “I am an elderly man and when I travel, I grow weary. But when I’m here in the heart of America, my heart grows strong. Do something to remind yourselves and teach your children about this unique heart spirit you possess, the most important resource on the planet today!”  

Can I visit? Not yet. We plan to begin programming in 2024 so be sure to sign up for updates. We do have volunteer work days for trail building and tree removal.

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“This heart spirit as a resource is more important today than back when Chief Shanandoah and I began the project in 1987.” 

– Bob Berkebile
Principal Emeritus, BNIM
Co-Founder, Foundation for Regeneration



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I am an elderly man and when I travel, I grow weary. But when I’m here in the Heart of America, my heart grows strong and my spirit soars like an eagle.

LEON SHENANDOAH | Chief of the Iroquois Nation

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Forest and Nature Trail

Started a Generation Ago.

Building for Generations to Come.

Reigniting America's Heart Spirit.

And leaving behind a trail of impact.

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"Whatever America hopes to come to pass in the world,
must first come to pass in the heart of America."

– Dwight D. Eisenhower. –

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