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Kansas City’s Heart Forest is the world’s first & largest heart shaped forest.

The Heart Forest purpose is to remind ourselves and teach our children about the unique heart spirit in the Heart of America.

"Sometimes miracles are just good people with kind hearts."

“This heart spirit as a resource is more important today than back when Chief Shanandoah and I began the project in 1987.” 

– Bob Berkebile
Principal Emeritus, BNIM
Co-Founder, Foundation for Regeneration



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Flagship Event Series

Forest and Nature Trail

I am an elderly man and when I travel, I grow weary. But when I’m here in the Heart of America, my heart grows strong and my spirit soars like an eagle.

LEON SHENANDOAH | Chief of the Iroquois Nation

Started a Generation Ago.

Building for Generations to Come.

Reigniting America's Heart Spirit.

And leaving behind a trail of impact.

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