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Support The Heart Forest

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Make your mark on the Heart Forest for generations to come. There are three major ways to financially support the Heart Forest.

  1. Buy Something on Our Wish List: 
  • Lawn mower (1) – $1,000
  • Picnic tables (5) – $500 each
  • Benches (15) – $1k  
  • Gazebo (1) – $5k
  • Shipping Container (1) $10k
  • Art Installations (1) $25k


2. Purchase a Clay Tile: Celebrate and honor your heart spirit for births, deaths, anniversaries, and special occasions as a gift engraved onto the sacred site. Make your mark on the Heart Forest.  By purchasing a clay tile, you will be directed on how to personalize your tile and then come onsite to permanently affix your tile along the walking path. 

Price: $100 per tile. 

3. Overhead Donation: Help cover Events, Programming, Security, etc. 

Foundation for Regeneration Inc is 501(c)(3) domiciled in Kansas City, MO (EIN # 92-1473069). All donations are tax deductible.